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    Goal #1

    Fars Foundation says about pacifism and friendship of Iranian people, the goal that Fars Foundation works for it.Peace is ideals of human life...



    Goal #2

    The tourism is the world's third largest industry that has allocated 2/9% of world GDP and more than 8% of total world employment...


    Culture and Art

    Goal #3

    Iran's culture in antiquity is equivalent with human history in antiquity. Iranian culture are heritage of thousands philosophers, poets and...



    Goal #4

    Iran has been the cradle of history and the cradle of world civilization. This land has been receptive to races, religions and different...



    Goal #5

    Iranians have been always monotheist in all of human history and have worshiped only God. They have respected religious sanctities...



    Goal #6

    The new method in Foundations of Fars Foundation has been proposed to help and solve problems of various social groups...


    Science and Economy

    Goal #7

    Since the past times, Iran has been the cradle of science in the world. Remains of historical works from...


    Happiness and Excitement

    Goal #8

    Young is the center of excitement, joy and health, the beating heart and the future of a nation...

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